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Professional French Translation Trusted by Le Monde

Translation services to and from French with the world’s best French translators

Canada and France

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We take Le Monde’s content global

Our top-quality translators empower French newspaper Le Monde to broaden its global reach with accurate and engaging English translations of its original reporting, opinion writing, arts criticism and more.

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50+ of the World’s Best French Translators

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We’ve assembled a team of French translators with years of experience and excellent professional and academic credentials. They can seamlessly translate both to and from French in diverse domains, including business, academia, and literature.

Our translators leverage the experience they’ve gained working for organizations such as the State Department and the United Nations.

They are proud graduates and professors of the French departments at respected institutions such as University of Waterloo, New York University, King’s College London, and University of Cambridge.

All Varieties of French, In One Place

Our French translators are based across the globe, so whatever your French translation needs, we can handle them.

We can translate:

To and from French

All varieties of French, including French as it’s spoken in France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Africa

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